Strand™ filter

Shaped and coloured to order

The Strand™ filter consists of a thick extruded filament placed in the centre of the filter. The advantage over traditional flavour threads is that it can be shaped or coloured to suit individual brand requirements. The extruded filament can be up to 1.5mm.

Filter construction

Consists of an acetate filter with a flavoured additive and made using high-quality crimped cellulose acetate fibres that are bonded firmly. This is enclosed in an outer plugwrap, which can be standard or porous.

The specially developed extruded filament, which can be shaped and coloured to suit the brand, is embedded into the cellulose acetate. The extruded filament is positioned centrally, and the flavour is diffused uniformly throughout the body of the filter.

Designed to suit taste, filtration and branding requirements. 

Strand Example

Features and benefits

  • Highly distinctive shaped and coloured strand thread to communicate brand identity
  • Flexible shaping and colouring process means strand can be made to suit individual brand requirements
  • Precise control of flavour level to ensure consistency of cigarette taste
  • Enhanced taste for user of low or ultra-low-tar brands