Super Slim Sensation™ filter

Flavour on demand

The industry-leading Super Slim Sensation™ filter, with its spearmint flavour capsule, brings flavour on demand to the Super Slim market. When the smoker crushes the capsule, a burst of flavour is released into the cigarette, accompanied by an audible ‘popping’ sound.

The capsule, which can be crushed at any time while smoking the cigarette, makes the Super Slim Sensation™ an interactive experience and one that engages all the senses.

Filter construction

Uses a mono-pass process capsule, which can be positioned anywhere within the cellulose and coated plugwrap filter.

The standard spearmint-flavour capsule can be customised and different flavoured liquids developed. 

Super slim sensation filter example

Distinct benefit

  • Complete consumer engagement: touch, hear, smell and taste