TwinSense™ Filter

Flavour flexibility

The TwinSense™ filter provides flavour on demand through two capsules in one filter tip. This premium product from Essentra offers increased options for users than that of a single capsule.

Filter construction

Combining two cellulose acetate segments, each with a precisely inserted flavour capsule, the dual rod can consist of any mix of segment lengths – a range of sizes available – with a king-size circumference.

The base rod uses Wattens non-porous coated plug wrap while the combiner wrap is non-porous.

Each construction enhances brand and suits customer taste and filtration requirements with various flavours offered including menthol and fruits.

A ‘boost’ product is also available, comprising a capsule plus pure menthol flavour within the same segment.


Features and benefits

  • More flavour flexibility: none, one of two single flavours or a combination of both
  • Engaging and interactive smoking experience
  • Brand differentiation