Super Slim Sensation™ filter

Flavour on demand

The industry-leading Super Slim Sensation™ filter, with its spearmint flavour capsule, brings flavour on demand to the super-slim market. When the smoker crushes the capsule, a burst of flavour is released into the cigarette, accompanied by a ‘popping’ sound.

The capsule, which can be crushed at any time while smoking, makes the Super Slim Sensation an interactive experience that engages all the senses.

Filter construction

Uses a single-pass process capsule, which can be positioned anywhere within the cellulose and coated plugwrap filter.

The standard spearmint-flavour capsule can be customised and different flavoured liquids developed.

Contact Essentra to discuss your design requirements of this industry-leading, innovative technology.

Super slim sensation filter example

Features and benefits

  • Complete consumer engagement: touch, hear, smell and taste
  • Represents the forefront of filter innovation