Innovation Centre

Essentra has an Innovation Centre based in Surabaya (Indonesia), representing more than 80 years of developing and supplying filters.

With a comprehensive range of filter machines that can produce virtually every filter in our existing portfolio, they represent a unique piloting capability that can quickly turn an idea into reality with high-quality machine-produced samples.

We can modify or adapt machines to manufacture new filter concepts usually within weeks of the original idea. Using our experience and working in conjunction with Essentra Laboratories and our production facilities, we can prototype, scientifically evaluate and commercialise any concept to provide a manufacturing solution. 

Development facilities image

Our Innovation Capabilities

New filter constructions

  • A range of specialised equipment to produce new or modified filter constructions within a short space of time
  • Filters produced with multiple segments both in a conventional style or co-axial configuration
  • Designs can be rapidly developed to include complex combinations of cavities, segments or additives, all engineered to optimise overall performance

New materials

  • Filters can be made from many different types of media including tow, staple fibre, paper, laminate and nonwoven materials
  • All can be converted into filters for testing and evaluation
  • Capsules and other devices may be inserted into the filters

New additives

  • Exploring new granular adsorbents, liquids, flavours, and organic materials (e.g. herbs and cloves)
  • All can be added to filters via a series of processes so that new ideas can be quickly turned into reality