e-cigarette manufacturing

As demand for nicotine delivery solutions grows, customers are looking for increasingly sophisticated responses, so Essentra has developed world-leading e-cigarette design and production.

Our proven end-to-end service enables you to source all your e-cigarette requirements with us: manufacturing, testing, distributing and providing security solutions so that the journey from innovative idea to world-class product and satisfied users is swift and seamless.


World class e-cigarette components designed to meet consumer needs for greater sensory engagement and increased product life.

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Tapes, cartons, leaflets, labels and security features in eye-catching designs that not only promote products but strengthen and protect brand image too.

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A broad range of standard and customisable component parts for e-cigarettes.

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Research and development

DESIGN: Standout packaging

Essentra’s award-winning design studio will help you develop bespoke packaging that will help your brand stand out. We are experts in providing packaging solutions to a large and diverse customer base.

MAKE: Speed to market

Our ISO-accredited production facilities in the UK mean that we can move quickly from product design to manufacture. Our own research tells us what e-cigarette users want, and we design to those needs – whether it’s greater sensory engagement or increased product life – to ensure you have a solid launch pad for your product.

TEST: Best in class

All our products are stringently tested against industry leaders and customer benchmarks to offer the very best in quality and safety. Our fully accredited, testing capabilities include US FDA and ignition propensity assessment. Results show that our in-house-developed e-cigarette performs more consistently in both vape and nicotine obtained per puff than an industry benchmark e-cigarette.

SECURE: Protect your brand

We have an extensive portfolio of full brand and product protection solutions including tamper-evident seals, as well as multiple brand authentication options. Select from a wide range of cutting-edge technologies to protect against counterfeiting and guarantee verifiable ‘genuine’ product authentication.
Inline finishing

SEND: Safe and speedy distribution

We can help you plan to trade across the world. Essentra’s extensive global delivery network, with 64 distribution centres in 33 countries, gets products where they need to be – fast. Our international staff have expert local knowledge about their territories. We fulfil more than a million orders for customers every year, and provide comprehensive service support so you always know the status of your shipments.
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Nicotine Delivery Solutions brochure

Download our Nicotine Delivery Solutions brochure for more information about our capabilities and solutions.

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