Security seals

Security seals are mechanisms used to seal containers in a way that provides tamper evidence, detects theft or contamination, or unauthorised opening and entry. Essentra’s wide range of security seals are designed to meet the growing need for logistics security by providing physical tamper evidence and controlling accountability and inventory of stock.

Our security seals are used across a range of markets including the sealing of freight via air, land and sea, securing food containers and by banks to secure cash in transit.

All of our seals are compliant with international standards including ISO 17712:2013 and C-TPAT.

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  • More than 60 injection moulding machines dedicated to security seals production
  • Assembly lines include: riveting, ultrasonic welding and printing
  • Printing capabilities include:
    • Hot stamping (high clarity, simple logo design and cost-effective)
    • Laser printing (high definition, suitable for metal, low contrast on plastic, barcode capability)
    • Thermal printing (high definition, high contrast barcodes possible on plastic material)
    • Inkjet printing (good for special applications, e.g. fragile parts, multicolour possible)
    • Silk-screen printing (custom jobs on powder-coated metal seals)
  • Dedicated R&D team in Kuala Lumpur focused on bringing new security sealing solutions to the market

Our range includes

  • Barrier
    Bolt seal, HS cable seals and plastic with metal
  • Fixed length
    Metal and plastic seals
  • Variable length
    Low-, medium- and high-break strength
  • Special purpose
    Wire seals, ArrowLock, CartLock, Unopack (envelope), Zippack and ZipLock,