Moulded and machined products

We know what matters to you: reliability, flexibility, optimisation through productivity gains, and of course, consistent quality products. Using our industry leading injection moulding and dip moulding facilities we manufacture a range of plastic parts to help keep vehicles running.

On road solutions

  • Caps and plugs for protection
  • Masking products
  • Gasketing
  • Cable management
  • Fastening solution
  • Banjo union protection

Off road solutions

  • Caps and plugs for protection
  • Cable management
  • Spiral Guard® hose protection
  • Access hardware
  • Motion control
  • Masking products
Diagram of a car
  1. Powertrain
    To protect the powertrain system during manufacture and shipping, we make electrical connector caps, oil fill tube plugs, shipping plugs, tapered caps and plugs, stretch-fit cover caps, and shipping caps.

  2. Fuel systems
    We protect fuel systems with products such as quick-connect shipping plugs, cap-transmission wiring harness connectors, and cable ties and straps.

  3. HVAC
    In HVAC applications, our expertise includes cap A/C valve evaporators, bracket-plate caps, shipping caps, clips and clamps, block-cover shipping caps, and charge-port caps.

  4. Steering
    Custom-made solutions that protect the steering system including grease-retainer seal plugs, rod-shipping caps, power-steering port plugs, dip-mould caps / pull caps, and dust plugs.

  5. Interior trim and seating
    Solutions to keep car interiors secure including fasteners, hook and loop tape, and weather stripping gasketing.

  6. Body and chassis
    Customers rely on us for bushing, grommets, blanking plugs and sheet-metal plugs.

  7. Brake systems
    We help protect brake systems with block-cover shipping caps, peanut-cover shipping caps, threaded sealing plugs and flanged caps.

  8. Electrical
    We provide customers with cable ties and straps, clips and clamps, split-harness wraps, adapters, conduits, heat-shrink tubing, and twist ties.

Speciality vehicles components
For off-road vehicles, we provide protection caps and plugs, Spiral Guard® hose protection, access hardware solutions, fastening products, and hose and wire management.