Essentra Packaging Employee wins the BPIF Kathy Woodward Award for Learning

30 Oct 2020

We would like to congratulate Matty Thornton, Essentra Packaging’s Cut & Crease Operator in Portsmouth for winning a Kathy Woodward Award for learning.


About the award

Launched in 2015 in memory of the BPIF's much loved CEO Kathy Woodward, who sadly passed away in 2014, the £1,000 Award - sponsored by Webmart - supports individuals in the print, packaging and graphic design industries to further their careers.

The £1,000 Award, applicants need to submit a 500-word proposal on why they should receive the Award and how they would spend the money to further their careers in the print, packaging or graphic design industries. 


About Matty Thornton

Matty Thornton has been working in Essentra since 2015. His passion for work helped him to develop in his job role as well as in the L3 Apprenticeship in Carton manufacture with the BPIF which he has been undertaking for the previous couple of years.

According to Jon Wilks, Portsmouth site manager "Matty was a sprung coil wanting to have a go at everything and when the opportunity came up, he jumped at the chance to train via the BPIF for a role as a Cut and Crease operator at Essentra, Fareham. He inspires others because of the way he carries himself, his dedication and perseverance. The pride he takes in his work has really impressed all of us here at Fareham and he is setting a high standard which is great to see."

BPIF Regional Apprenticeship Manager, Howie Blanks adds ’’From the first day I met Matty, he showed a fantastic attitude towards his studies, which was really refreshing given his under achievement previously at school. Everyone I spoke to about Matty was full of praise in terms of his work ethic and his attitude to his work.’’

Matt Thornton's response

"I am so grateful and honoured to be in receipt of this prestigious award and for the recognition of my hard work and determination to achieve something great. I would especially like to thank Phil Wannerton my mentor and close work colleague, who without his patience and superb training skills this achievement would not have been possible in such a short space of time. 

Also, I would like to thank Howie Blanks at the BPIF for his enthusiasm and commitment that he has demonstrated over the last 2 years and last but not least the Essentra packaging team in Portsmouth for believing and investing time and money in me and giving me the opportunity to prove not only to myself but to others that I truly can succeed, not only in my future career but in life. I will put this money to good use and proudly display my trophy. Thank you very much!"



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