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Essentra Packaging Sites Awarded 'AA' BRCGS Certification

01 Oct 2020


September 2020

Essentra Packaging is extremely proud to announce that five of our sites (Madrid, Lublin, Bangor, Nottingham and Bradford) have successfully passed the new BRCGS quality certification, with all sites achieving the highest 'AA' grade. 

About the BRCGS Standard 

This BRCGS quality certification is an existing standard in our Essentra Packaging sites, but in its 6th Issue, numerous changes have been introduced to this certificate, making its implementation much more demanding and impactful to the wider organization. The changes intend to direct the focus for audits towards the implementation of good manufacturing practices within the production areas, whilst recognising the diversity within the packaging industry.

The BRCGS' standards guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer. Originally developed and published in 2001, the Global Standard for Packaging Materials was designed to protect the consumer. The standard has been updated at regular intervals since its inception to reflect the latest thinking in product safety, and has now attained usage worldwide - not only by food packaging producers - but by producers of packaging for all applications and all levels of the supply chain.

The certification provides a robust framework for all types of packaging manufacturer to assist them in the production of safe packaging materials, and to manage product quality to meet customers’ requirements; whilst maintaining legal compliance. Certification against the Standard is recognised globally by brand owners, retailers, food service companies and manufacturers when assessing the capabilities of their suppliers.

The New Requirements for BRCGS Certification

The new standards allowed our five Essentra Packaging sites to advance their current systems in Risk Assessments and Traceability of product Safety, Quality and Legality covering the supply chain in its entirety, from Raw Material, Supplier Management and all the way to the intended use of products by end consumers. This included routine security and vulnerability tests to challenge the systems within the supply chain.

Although the key features remain integral to the standard, the new approach provides great emphasis on Leadership Commitment to drive the Culture of Product Safety and Quality.



The higher hygiene demands of the standard enable the sites to achieve better controls and provide safer working environments during the crisis.

Additionally, many site-specific procedural changes were introduced in relation to COVID-19, including a complete check of the performance of the systems in case of crisis or emergency. As new tasks related to this situation have been introduced at our sites, hygiene guidelines have also been updated and are closely monitored and documented with clear instructions for visitors, transporter personnel and contractors

We would like to say a big thank you to the teams involved at our Essentra Packaging sites for their dedication and efforts in maintaining this high level of Quality Performance, and for achieving the highest certification “AA” grade during these audits.


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