Beauty and security working together

22 Jul 2020


Beauty and security working together

Secondary packaging for the Beauty industry is expected to be beautiful, whilst offering high product security.

At Essentra Packaging's Design Hub, our team of packaging experts bring beautiful and security innovations together. From graphic and product design to counterfeiting and security features, the Design Hub can make your vision a reality. 

Rupert Taylor, Global Category Manager for Health Care & Personal care at Essentra, discusses the use of specialist inks and tear tapes to keep products safe, whilst also making sure that the customer is able to fully enjoy the beauty of the packaging. 


Safely wrapped up

The main aim of the UK’s Essentra at Luxe Pack was to showcase the capabilities of its Design Hub of graphic and structural designers through innovative ‘Lotus Pack’ boxes (pictured). But the company was also keen to demonstrate its options for product security. “We know the issues around counterfeiting and bogus products in the supply chain and we’re seeing more and more interest in what we can do to support the beauty and cosmetics world,” said Rupert Taylor, Global Category Manager, Health Care & Personal Care at Essentra.

One underused but effective solution for fragrances, in particular, Rupert Taylor said, is the tear tapes within the over-wrapping, which also makes the experience of opening a fragrance less frustrating for the consumer.

“A brand owner could use colour shift ink on the tear tape, which makes difficult to replicate,” Rupert suggested. “They could even have [traceable] taggant ink applied to the tape. This allows the brand owner to check the supply chain, not only to see whether the product is genuine, but because products can get diverted into a different market for a different price by a different distributor – so you can go back and say: ‘this product should be shipped here, but it was shipped to here, so that agent is doing something naughty’. You can start tracking back through the supply chain.”