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20 Jul 2020

Beauty packaging solutions with Essentra - from development to destination, every detail matters.


Whether you have an increase in demand for your existing product, or a new product to launch, the Essentra Packaging team can guide and support you from conceptual design through to innovation and print finishes. Our teams of experts can help to guide you through your product launch with a seamless supply chain network for printing, fulfilment and delivery.


Brand protection

Integrity is at the heart of Essentra’s values.

Your brand is important, and Essentra Packaging take pride in anti-counterfeiting technology to maintain your brand identity and reputation. From holograms and authentication labels to serialisation and tamper evidence technology; we put your brand at the heart of everything we do.



Seasonal print runs and complex Beauty packaging trends; handled by the experts. Essentra Packaging offer full flexibility with your print schedule. Our facilities and processes are agile and can adapt to suit your product requirements, with long and short runs to accommodate your customer demand, and site locations globally, to deliver to your global supply chain.

Our industry experts monitor Beauty & Personal Care trends and work with you to improve ‘product to market’ design and efficiencies, providing continuous improvement consultancy when appropriate.


E-Commerce & Gifting

Expand your product offer, and partner with Essentra to increase your current printing capacity for e-commerce and gifting solutions. Explore using sleeve, plastic alternative inserts and single board solutions to meet your customer demand and sustainability goals.

Beauty products are increasingly being purchased through e-commerce channels, and traditional bricks and mortar retail is seeing an impact in reduction of footfall and retail sales. The trend in increased e-commerce purchasing is growing Year on Year and due to its accessibility and convenience benefits.

The need for brands to improve consumer’s online shopping experience through packaging which truly reflects the aesthetic value of beauty brands has never been more important. Experiential retail is becoming increasingly important in e-commerce packaging, and brands are utilising plain carton postal boxes and packaging to provide customers with a brand experience that reflects the in-store experience of bricks and mortar retail.


Essentra is environmentally conscious and has several verified Zero-Waste-To-Landfill sites. As part of Essentra Packaging’s sustainability strategy, the aim is to increase the number of Zero-Waste-To-Landfil sites from five in 2019, to nine in 2020.

Essentra Packaging is FSC® C016627 (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified, which ensures that products are made of materials from well managed certified forests, recycled materials and other controlled sources


Essentra is a packaging partner which can expand your product offer and increase your current direct-to-customer printing capacity, or supply chain contracts. We work with you to deliver your e-commerce sales demands, providing continuous improvement consultancy when necessary.

Discover the range of Beauty packaging solutions by Essentra here.


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