Kitting – Assembling your Customised Packaging Solutions

18 May 2021

Kitting is a term used to describe a process of packing separated items into a set that is usually performed manually by assembling and / or collating multiple sub-components into a delivered package.

In an attempt to enhance patient compliance with the product, pharmaceutical companies often include multiple features in the product packs from drug products to leaflets, booklets, labels swabs, needles and bandages. This requires secondary packaging manufacturers to design and implement tailored solutions to suit customer’s specific requirements, regarding product specifications and end-user requirements, that are also very visual and easy to use.

Pharmaceutical packaging plays an important role in increasing patient adherence, to the extent to which a person’s behaviour — for example taking medication, following a diet, or executing lifestyle changes — corresponds with agreed recommendations from a healthcare provider.

Due to multiple elements that need to be included in the package to increase customer adherence, the kitting process becomes labour intensive and complicated. Often times these ‘kits’ cannot be automatically assembled on the production lines. To avoid ‘break-in’ a large volume long run order, to print a shorter run for smaller markets, pharmaceutical companies often outsource the manual assembly / collating process to receive the assembled product that is ready for distribution.

Developing a successful product should not end with the product itself — manufacturers must always think of the complete offering, including its packaging, delivery and after care, to provide their consumers with a holistic solution.

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