Make it Recyclable, Say it’s recyclable

18 Mar 2021

And help your customers be #RecyclingHeroes

Concerned as we are about how packaging can make an impact in the environment, companies should actively work in minimising that impact from the design stage, bearing in mind the end of its life. And that end of life should actually be a new beginning, where packaging materials become the raw materials for new products.


Design your packaging to be recyclable.

But, how can we make sure our packaging is recyclable?

There is a fashionable term nowadays that refers to this: Ecodesign. It is a process in which the product developer or designer reflects on all the impacts that a product would generate in the environment throughout its life and tries to reduce those impacts by using the right materials, sizes, shapes, processes and even graphic design.

We have gathered some tips for recyclability in cartons, labels and leaflets, to help companies ecodesign their packaging. Check out some of them:

  1. Reduce the plastic content attached to your board or paper packaging.

    In order to comply with the recycling normative, the percentage of plastic shouldn’t go above 15% and that percentage is expected to be reduced to 10% by 2023. 


  2. If plastic is attached to carboard packaging, make sure it is removable. And make sure you inform the customer on how to remove it.


  3. Make sure that all the inks and varnishes used in the packaging are under Reach. 


  4. Regarding papers, waxed or moisture resistant papers, are difficult to be recycled by some mill and should be avoided.


Our technical experts will help you comply with all the requirements that the written norm and the mills protocols apply to recycle packaging in every region.


Say it’s recyclable.

For a packaging to be ideally recycled, it has to first go to the right bin in the households and, for that, consumers have to be committed and to be well informed.

And consumers are getting more and more committed to recycling, but the truth is that sometimes they don’t know how to do it right. A recent study in the UK showed that only 37 percent of the interviewed people stated that they are clear what recycling symbols mean.

To trigger a recycling behaviour , it is important that consumers know what their packs are made of and where should they be disposed. There are many ways to include that information: either printed with a small symbol or through a QR code that can be scanned. Some countries are actually making this compulsory, as is the case of Italy that in September 2020 published a regulation requiring producers to include information on materials and disposal in their packaging.

What information should be ideally included?

  1. Symbol or text identifying that the packaging is Recyclable
  2. Colour or text identifying the bin that the packaging should be disposed in.
  3. Instructions on how to separate different components attached prior to recycling
  4. Further instructions, usually if is a primary packaging, regarding rinse or empty of content before recycling.

By drafting Essentra sustainability strategy and acting accordingly, we protect our close environment, whilst collaborating with our stakeholders across the industry will inspire others in the different stages of the product life. 

Let’s work together to avoid landfill destination: companies, suppliers and final consumer. Lets’s be #RecyclingHeroes

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