Did you know that Amazon could tag your product as unsellable as of March 2021?

22 Feb 2021

If you are selling hygiene or topical products through Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA) in the UK, this is important for you. The giant online seller has introduced a new requirement for these products regarding tamper evident labels.


Hygienic and Topical Packaging Amazon by Essentra

Commencing March 2021, products to be used in contact with the body or applied on skin (hygienic/topical products) should bear a seal that guarantees to the final customer that the packaging hasn’t been opened before. This seal will also help Amazon to determine that the returned products haven’t been opened, tried or used. 

One month after the entry of the requirement, returned products not bearing a suitable or intact tamper evident label or seal will be made unsellable requiring further removal or disposal option by the sellers.

But not any seal or tamper evident label is approved by Amazon. Certain guidelines have been laid out for the sellers about the labels:

  • They are opaque either with the company logo/any logo that cannot be replicated by the customer.
  • The seal leaves a sign of tampering on the product when broken.
  • They should be of a different colour and should not blend in with the surface of the product.
  • The seal should be sturdy, and the only way to break it is with clear intent (no accidental breaking e.g. during transportation or usual packaging handling). The seal cannot be manipulated or copied.

 In order to select the right seal or tamper evident label, make sure it checks the following boxes:

  • If the seal is damaged it will clearly show.
  • There is only one way of opening the package
  • The label is different in colour/material than the packaging, standing out and not visually blending
  • Seal is not easily broken by transport/manipulation.
  • Seal is not misleading.
  • Right placement, good adhesion


In Essentra Packaging, we have a great deal of experience and expertise in providing tamper evident labels and tapes, fully customisable and complying with regulations. Our tamper evident solutions comprise: Void, Fragile & Perforated Seal (Built in weakness), all complying with Amazon requirements.

 As a solution provider we would undertake our service approach of conducting compatibility testing where appropriate to offer the optimum solution ensuring functionality is achieved in the application I.e.  durability through transit, tamper evidence at point of use, etc.

All three options are available as an opaque facestock or can be fully printed to the customer’s requirements to ensure meeting the requirement of standing out from the product packaging.  We also have a range of security inks & features available within our portfolio to provide a multi-layered approach to deter counterfeiting attempts.


Options available will be reliant on customer requirements & price;

  • Void release labels create tamper verification by leaving a previously hidden pattern or text message behind when the label is removed. Void release considered the best option as it has the flexibility to perform over a wider range of substrate surfaces.

 Seal Labels Amazon_Void Label Essentra

  • Essentra Packaging can also offer a fragile option (paper or filmic) utilising tamper verification by using specially engineered substrates that disintegrate the labels when attempting to remove. The recommended specification identified in the Amazon FBA requirements is one of these such solutions.

 Seal Labels Amazon-Fragile Label Essentra

  • sealing label with utilising a high tack adhesive and strategically built-in weakness to the facestock becomes irreversibly torn, broken or peeled off with a perforation indicating the container has been tampered with. Lowest cost option.

 Seal Labels Amazon-Perforated Seal Essentra


Get in touch and know more about how we can help you to comply and advice on the most suitable tamper evident option for your packaging.