Printing Special QR Codes for Unique Promotional Actions

19 Oct 2021

If you are interested in promotional features that can add value to packaging, you found the right article

Meet the experts from the Essentra Packaging team, and discover how they responded to a challenge posed by one of our clients: providing end-users with an exclusive experience when unboxing their healthcare products. Isabel García, the Key Account Manager for this project, gave us some insights into the groundbreaking promotional action that was developed for this customer: special QR codes printed within the packaging.


Our customer needed more from their promotional packaging 

What do you imagine when you think about promotional packaging? Usually, our mind drifts toward outer features, such as design, colours, special finishes etc. However, one of our clients wanted to take their product a step further, and create promotional and interactive folding cartons using special QR codes, a new and unique form of serialisation that would personalise the packaging. Therefore, our customer needed a solution to ensure the end-users enjoyed a unique experience when they unboxed the product.

The challenge behind printing a special QR code 

During our interview with Isabel García, she explained the nature of the challenge came from the uniqueness of each packaging including a special QR code.

In order to create an exclusive moment for each end-user, the customer wanted it printed inside the packaging: this meant readability needed to be perfect for every code, and avoiding them being confused with other QR codes from that same promotional action. Legibility became the number one priority, and at Essentra Packaging we put our team to work on the best solution to guarantee just that.

Why was Essentra Packaging chosen to participate in this project? 

At Essentra Packaging we have extensive experience with serialisation solutions and variable printing, especially when it comes to healthcare products that might require specific identifications due to regulations, such as Data Matrix codes, or UDI systems

“(...) they trusted us because they have worked with us before, and they were very happy with how the serialised folding cartons work in their lines.”

Nonetheless, we are also well versed in the more visual aspects of design, thanks to our projects involving cosmetics products, and our client was confident that we could develop and provide the most effective way to print these special QR codes for their promo packaging.

Discover what our team did to overcome the challenge 

We wanted to be agile in finding the proper solution, and as Isabel described when she talked to us, our team tried several materials to ensure the readability of the special QR codes. These tests were conducted while working very closely with suppliers and our own in-house experts to find an agile solution, for example, by weighing the best printing alternatives for such a large promotional action. For this, we used the technical capabilities at our disposal: digital printing and the serialisation platforms. Both resulted in optimal readability, but we chose the best option to provide our customer with a large volume of folding cartons in the most effective manner.

Evidently, the people directly involved in the project were not the only ones who made this agile response possible. We have many partners and providers, whose support and hard work are the cornerstone for our solutions, making sure the raw materials we use are sourced from forests responsibly, and helping us with logistics throughout the supply chain to deliver every time. At Essentra Packaging we are a machine with many cogs, and all of them are essential. 


What were the benefits of our special QR code solution?

The main advantage derived from this promotional action is the effect it will have on its end-users: each one will find a unique QR code inside the folding carton, a personalised tool that will give them further access to the products’ benefits. This new form of exclusive interaction with the manufacturer seems to be the way forward in promo packaging, fostering not only online communication and more eco-friendly solutions, but also loyalty to the brand. 

As well as becoming closer with end-users, Isabel mentioned this project has shown us the opportunities presented by personalised, special QR codes within promotional actions. Our tools are capable of printing any type of code in any part of the folding carton, regardless of the substrate.

“We had the chance to make our services known to other companies, and broaden our market possibilities.”

Towards the end of the interview, Isabel told us “our added value solutions are what drive innovation”, and at Essentra Packaging we have a team of experts behind that make it possible, which means that, any new challenge that arises is an opportunity for us to create new solutions. Would you like to know more about our serialisation solutions? Contact us, and our team of experts will be delighted to provide you with more information.