Developing the next generation security features in partnership with Crane Currency

06 Apr 2022

We are pleased to announce a strategic partnership agreement with Crane Currency, a pioneer in the development of overt security features, to develop a range of next generation security features for the pharmaceutical and beauty packaging industry.

The incentive for criminals to counterfeit drugs and high-value personal care products has never been higher. Security features that combat fraud are becoming more important as producers look to labeling that not only protect the products and reputation of their companies but demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their customers.  Achieving these dual goals poses a unique challenge for packaging and security feature producers as the commoditization of ‘holographic’ features today neither counter the threat posed by criminals, nor distinguish branded products as being truly and unambiguously secured.

Essentra Packaging and Crane together bring a unique and valuable design experience to the partnership. We use in-house Packaging Design and R&D centers to fast-track product solutions from concept to launch that are optimized to the packing line capabilities of our customers. Crane is an expert in banknote and security feature design and integration and leverages unique knowledge of micro-optics and public security. Like our team Crane’s in-house Design Team is purpose built to provide customers with secure labels that put effective simulation beyond the reach of counterfeits and provide consumers with customized visual effects that are both attractive and fast and easy to authenticate.

“A common misconception in the packaging industry is that serialization alone addresses the growing problem of counterfeit goods. The need for highly secure, overt solutions that enable consumers, patients, and healthcare professionals to authenticate goods quickly and intuitively is growing,” said Tiffany Overstreet, Innovation & Sustainability Director at Essentra Packaging. 

Crane Authentication has nearly two decades of experience in the development and delivery of overt security features. "Crane is delighted to partner with Essentra Packaging to provide security solutions for some of the most recognized and valuable brands in pharmaceutical and personal care products sector,” said Sam Keayes, president, Crane Currency. 

“Our strategy is to offer next generation packaging, label and leaflet solutions driving value for our customers. This agreement with Crane is a perfect illustration of this strategy, enabling us to include the leading anti-counterfeiting micro-optic technology in our products and offer the best solution to our customers” said Kamal Taneja, managing director at Essentra Packaging. 

 Essentra Packaging Crane Microoptics Carton  

Essentra Packaging and Crane Collaboration