Digital Printing Multiplies Creative Possibilities in Cosmetics Packaging

29 Jun 2021

The need to create more personalised relationships between brands and their customers has increased the use of digital printing techniques to design and manufacture cosmetics packaging. For this reason, it is not surprising that digital printing applied to packaging is an increasingly more popular trend. According to ResearchAndMarkets, it is estimated that the sector will grow up to an annual 14% until 2024 globally. Therefore, what possibilities does digital printing offer in the cosmetics sector?

The advantages of digital printing for cosmetics packaging

Printing labels and folding cartons for cosmetics digitally will provide improvements in the following: 

1. Productivity

Digital printing does not require a gruelling implementation process, given that it follows a just-in-time printing model. In reduced printing runs, the cost is affordable, and it is even possible to produce mock-ups, which are very useful for the focus groups who choose the companies’ cosmetics packaging. At the same time, printing out models makes it possible to perform qualitative studies that aim to check which type of packaging works best for each of the brand’s target audiences. 

2. Creativity and printing quality

Colour tests can be carried out; moreover, at Essentra Packaging we have at our disposal the technology of the HP Indigo 30000 and HP 6900 devices, which guarantee a precise reproduction of the design on the carton or label. Thanks to digital printing, the creative possibilities for cosmetics packaging are multiplied to the point of enabling the creation of one-to-one personalised folding cartons and labels.

4. Product visibility

Digital printing allows to transfer the brand’s promotions to cosmetics packaging. The final goal would be to give the customers a unique experience either at the moment of unboxing at home (if they receive the package after an e-commerce purchase) or at the physical point of purchase. The originality that can be achieved with digital printing offers interesting advantages both for the customer and the shops, given that the products will stand out more than their competitors. 

5. Security for the brand and the customers

Digital printing is compatible with serialisation, that is, with the individual marking and registry of each folding carton and label. It is a solution that, slowly but surely, is becoming more widespread in the cosmetics sector as a way to reassure the clients of the products’ authenticity, and thus fight against cosmetics counterfeit.

6. Sustainability

On-demand printing allows the production of the packaging volume needed in each moment, which reduces the waste of resources. Moreover, the inks used in digital printing are compostable, making it easier to recycle the materials completely and reducing the carbon footprint linked to the packaging, and ultimately helping businesses comply with their sustainability plans.

When to choose digital printing to manufacture cosmetics packaging?

Within the cosmetics sector, it is usual for the companies to manage a very large and heterogeneous catalogue of products. This means they face very changeable market demands, and consequently, they operate with product batches that vary in size, or with different product lines in small amounts, among other possibilities.

To efficiently meet these needs, at Essentra Packaging we combine digital and traditional printing techniques. For instance, when the batches are large, cosmetics packaging is manufactured with offset printing technology, and when they are somewhat smaller, we opt for digital printing. Using both solutions translates to a great advantage when it comes to streamlining costs, and simultaneously allows for enough flexibility to deal with emergencies.

Nonetheless, our experience in the beauty sector has taught us that digital printing is the perfect choice when manufacturing the following:

  • Special packaging due to collaborations between brands, or with influencers: digital printing enables packaging to become a part of 360º marketing campaigns.

  • Numbered and limited editions: they are a path to convey the idea of exclusivity to the customer. They can also be a part of charity actions involving the clients, thus strengthening their relationship with the brand.

  • Packaging adapted to seasonal campaigns: it is common in Christmas or as a part of specific marketing campaigns. These special editions aim to have an effect on the consumers in key moments, therefore boosting sales.

  • Murals at the physical point of purchase thanks to Edge Printing: folding cartons can be printed so that, just like the pieces of a puzzle, they form a mural together to make the products stand out in the shop.

  • Minimalist packaging that is respectful with the environment: the wide variety of finishes that can be achieved with digital printing removes the need to add extra layers to the packaging.

At Essentra Packaging we have the latest technology in digital printing for cartons and labels

At Essentra Packaging we have been manufacturing cosmetics packaging with digital printing technology for years: this is because of the versatility it offers, and its excellent results. We print both the folding cartons and the labels that come with the cosmetics products’ packaging, as well as collaborating in the development of new solutions with manufacturers that are leaders in industrial printing teams, all to continue improving our services.

Many companies in the cosmetics sector already trust our digital printing capabilities to manufacture the packaging for their different product lines. If you would like to find out more about our digital printing services, feel free to contact us.