Diverse material solutions to meet every packaging requirement

08 Jun 2021

Packaging has many roles it needs to fulfil in addition to protecting the product inside and conveying product information. Each product packaging is different and aims to fulfil a unique purpose and answers special customer requirements.

Everything in product packaging, from the design to the materials selected is uniquely designed to respond to the specific needs, communicating brand values and commitment as well as directly targeting customer segments. Each product packaging is different and diverse selection of materials for cartons, leaflets and labels allows companies to customise their packaging, respond to different needs and best represent their brand and values.

Material Offering for Sustainable Packaging

Nowadays people are more and more concerned about Sustainability, Environment Preservation and Climate Change. Concepts such as impact on the environment and carbon footprint reduction become an inseparable part of many businesses' goals and values. Sustainable Packaging is one solution to current global challenges that many companies consider while working to reduce their environmental impact.

Sustainable Packaging design solutions and innovating alternative materials play an important role to move organisations from the Linear Economy “Take, Make, Waste” towards a Circular Economy, where raw materials are renewable and produced goods are recyclable.

Using Responsibly sourced materials not only lower packaging environmental impact and reduces the strain on natural resources but also enhance packaging recyclability. In addition, choosing the right package design in combination to raw materials continues to offer secondary packaging product protection while at the same time enhances consumer use and enables a sustainable end-life for a product.

The majority of current “standard” paper based materials comes from responsibly managed forests, nonetheless there are many sources in the market that can substitute tree fibres and spark product design creativity while utilising these alternative materials.

  • Virgin Fibre with certification of sustainable forest management. 100% virgin fibres will give the best printing quality and reliability in production lines, while communicating the company’s commitments to sustainability.
  • Materials made completely or partially out of by-products.
  • Alternative Sources - lately, some companies have developed boards and label stocks using sources such as: sugarcane, cotton, and even stone. These materials are not yet very popular and industrialised, however, great for special packaging purposes.

Alternative Materials For Unique Experiences

In addition, packaging materials are often used to communicate not only product information and company branding, but also reflect brand values, environment and community commitments or targets specific customer segments.

  • Metallic Laminated Boards – often used to appeal to the luxury cosmetics market due to metallic board lamination and specifications.
  • Re*flect: Plastic Free Metallic Laminated Board - in addition to the luxury board finishes that metallic lamination add to packaging, this board also is plastic free to support brand commitment to their sustainability goals without giving up the luxury feel of the metallic lamination board.
  • Creative Boards and Label Stock – different textures, pearled, colored, etc. This board help brands communicate on a specific feature as well as differentiate them with tactile of the packaging to create more sensory product message and intimacy.
  • Kraft Paper and Board - usually rough looking boards, uncoated and not bleached that is often used to reinforce brands concepts and portray messages such as “raw” “natural” “home-made” “diy”.

At Essentra Packaging we can offer a full portfolio of sustainable options which cover all levels depending on our customer goals and needs.

We understand the importance of the impact that a product would generate in the environment throughout its life and try to reduce those impacts by using the right materials, sizes, shapes, processes and even assisting in the graphic design decisions. We consider how integration of the alternative materials might affect the aspect such as packaging colours, design or performance in the packaging lines.  

Our technical expertise and experience help us to better understand customer needs and challenges that they might encounter with their materials to propose packaging solutions that enhance consumer use and enable a sustainable end-life.  

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