For bigger print performance, think small! Explore Nanographic print with Essentra

26 May 2022

Across the cosmetics, beauty and pharmaceutical markets, innovation moves at a fast pace, responding to evolving consumer needs and an ever more complex supply chain.

As a leading packaging and label supplier to these key sectors, Essentra Packaging proudly invests in technology that’s out of this world, offering more to its customers - whether that be in terms of speed, flexibility, volume, quality, innovation or sustainability.

Through years of hard-earned experienced, the Essentra Packaging team is a true source of expertise for global clients – but the business does not rest on this reputation. In order to stay ahead of the game, Essentra Packaging uses strategic technological investments across its global network of manufacturing facilities.

One of our most recent investments is the installation of a Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press at our Bradford facility, ready for blast-off as the first of its kind in the UK packaging market.

But, what is Nanographic digital printing – and why does it add real value for our customers?

What is nanographic printing?

A relatively new addition to the print lexicon, ‘nanographic’ comes from a combination of nano, meaning small or microscopic, and -graphic or -graphy, to write or draw.

Nanotechnology involves the creation of materials with unique functional or visual properties through the manipulation of matters at an atomic or molecular level.

An entirely new kind of digital printing, Nanography® prints using particles, or ‘NanoInk®’. These particles are measured in nanometers - just a billionth of a meter. One of the advantages of using nanotechnology in packaging printing is that nano-sized objects have a much greater surface area than microscopic objects of the same volume.

This gives them several important advantages over standard ink particles including more potential to interact with the surrounding environment, absorbing more light, and creating deeper, richer colours as a result.

The S10 Nanographic Printing® press is developed and patented by Landa, a true pioneer in the print and packaging technology field and a leader in the field of commercial particle science.

What makes nanographic digital print so valuable for Essentra Packaging customers?

The technology behind nanographic printing is set to change the packaging game and bring new dimensions in print. Typically, brand owners have chosen between digital printing for versatility and short-run economics, and offset printing for high-volume performance.

While both offset and digital print offer significant benefits dependent on the task, as a ‘best of both worlds’, our new Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® press takes print into the stratosphere, providing the long-run consistency and quality of offset, with the flexibility and agility of digital printing technology.

Providing an extra layer of versatility to Essentra Packaging’s core markets of beauty, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, the technology is ideal for applications including folding carton, printed boxes, carton sleeves, blister cards and micro-flute applications.

Pioneering NanoInk®

Boldly going where no print technology has gone before, microscopic particles that create water-based NanoInk® are the result of over a decade of study. In essence, using particles reduced to nanometric scale creates more surface area, unlocking a high-performance colourant.

The key to NanoInk®’s graphical accuracy and surface performance is in its precise and efficient low ink laydown. This enables NanoInk® imaging to consistency produce round, sharply defined dots with optical uniformity and a stable density.

The technology can achieve outstanding definition on glossy or matte paper – or any other substrate an Essentra Packaging customer may want to use. As well as coated and uncoated paper, newsprint and cartonboard, ultra-thin NanoInk® film can bond to practically any substrate.

Microscopic particles, huge performance

Using high resolution ink ejectors, the nanographic printing process delivers an astonishing resolution, as well as high coverage, multiple grey levels and outstanding colour definition.

The result is vivid, eye-catching colour and sharp imagery, combined with the uniformity of offset print. With extremely small pigments in play, the light dynamic range achieved with nanographic printing is excellent. In addition, the press installed at Essentra Packaging is equipped with an inspection system that automatically verifies registration and checks nozzle conditions.

In Summary

Nanographic printing provides a very wide spectrum of benefits, and the technology is ready for lift-off! As a complementary print technology, the use of a Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® press gives Essentra Packaging even greater flexibility and agility, enabling the business to meet the evolving needs of the market. 

  • High quality print and exemplary uniformity – no matter the run length
  • Rapid production, capable of exceeding 6,500 sheets-per-hour
  • Delivers scalable printing from one-off copies to versioned jobs
  • Streamlined workflow for fast turnaround – print arrives when and where it’s needed
  • Plate-free production eliminates the need for solvent washout, supporting brand sustainability objectives
  • Suitable for off-the-shelf paper and folding carton substrates, coated and uncoated, without the need for pretreatment or priming
  • Outstanding colour depth, unprecedented dot sharpness, and extremely wide light dynamic range ensure that designs are always looking their best

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