Essentra Packaging Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season & a Successful New Year

15 Dec 2021

First of all, we want to send you our most sincere wishes for the holiday season! 2021 has been a year to remember at Essentra Packaging, since we’ve worked hard to achieve our goals. Even though the pandemic has etched itself into our collective memories, we didn’t want to say goodbye without first sharing with you a brief recap of our best moments, as well as to wish you a happy holiday, and a successful New Year 2022!

Sustainability, the main trend for 2021

For the last few years, concern for the planet has pushed companies to search for more sustainable ways to design and manufacture their products. At Essentra Packaging, we had this goal for some time, but we made the most of this 2021 and pledged our commitment to the environment, going as far as setting ourselves the goal to become carbon neutral by 2040. What better gift can we give future generations, but a healthier Earth?

We have been developing and championing environmentally-friendly solutions for a few years now, going from services such as eco-design to using recyclable materials for our products. Alongside our clients and providers, we have been able to advance in our goals; an example of this is our Zero Waste to Landfill initiative. In 2020 we managed to certify 20 sites with ZWTL status, and we have continued in this endeavour, still aiming for no waste to landfill by 2030. 

Also, this past November, we participated in the events at CPhI. We did so with a stand that we used as a platform to communicate with clients, finding out about their sustainability goals and encouraging them to embrace the cause with suggestions on how to reduce their carbon footprint such as the following:

  • Minimise material usage

  • Replace plastic materials

  • Work with FSC® and PEFC® certified providers

  • Reduce packaging times and maximise efficiency with tools such as ComboPack™️ or TagPack™️.

Added value to improve our services

Besides sustainability, we have more reasons to feel the festive spirit: this year we also focused on the added value we could include in our products, not only to make them more efficient, but to adapt them to the needs of each client. This effort had several directions, developing new solutions alongside our customers depending on each situation.

Ensuring an agile supply chain

As we mentioned in a previous article, the supply chain has been suffering disruptions as of late, but that won’t slow Santa down, nor us. We have dedicated this year to make sure our clients have access to everything they need to manufacture and deliver on time, whenever possible. 

The pandemic has had many negative outcomes, but it has also resulted in higher expectations when it comes to delivery timings and improved service, which is another reason why we have been supporting our clients to make sure they keep up with this new rhythm through the added value we confer on our products.

Product safety is as important as ever

Every year there are new regulations about packaging, especially when it comes to pharmaceutical products. We have used our added value to make our packaging solutions safer for patients, with special serialisation solutions, for example, and ensure they cannot be tampered with without the user’s knowledge. 

Moreover, some of the tools developed for security purposes can also be used for promotional reasons, it all comes down to the imagination of our experts and the needs of our clients.

Our people are the key to our success

Santa might have his elves and reindeer working for him, but we have something much better: our people. They are who make all of our services possible, ensuring everything is in order and developing new solutions tailored to each client when the need arises. 

We dedicated a few case studies and interviews this year to really highlight how important they are and show how they work every day to make Essentra Packaging better. Read more about special promotional packaging or Plurium™️ patient leaflets through the experience of our experts!

This was our 2021, how was yours? We want to send the most sincere wishes for the holiday season and hope you enter the New Year with even greater motivation to improve your business. For our part, we hope to keep growing alongside our clients in the coming year. If you’d like more information about our services and how we could help you develop new tools, get in touch with us, and our team of experts will be delighted to speak with you. Happy holidays!