Matching Supply Solutions: Four Services to Gain Productivity Thanks to Pharmaceutical Packaging

26 May 2021

The design and assembly of medical folding cartons, labels and leaflets has a major impact on pharmaceutical laboratories’ production processes. Optimising pharmaceutical packaging allows, on the one hand, to cut back on logistic costs (mainly storage and transport) and, on the other, to shorten production times as the packaging lines’ performance increases.

As experts in secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical industry, at Essentra Packaging we know the ever-present challenges faced by this sector. As well as recurring changes in regulations, there is the continued need to adjust processes to achieve greater efficiency.

Because of all this, today we introduce four solutions geared towards improving production:

1. ComboPack: folding cartons and leaflets adhered together to optimise pharmaceutical packaging

Nowadays, leaflets are increasingly longer, whether because regulations require it or because it’s necessary to include very detailed usage instructions addressed to the patients. This trend has intensified with the surge of telemedicine. All of this implies greater difficulties when it comes to medical packaging, which, in many cases, means increasing the number of operations and even, investing in new machinery.

This issue, very common among manufacturers, is solved by the ComboPack service, because it is the provider who is in charge of adhering the secondary packaging materials (generally speaking, leaflets, cartons or labels) to the folding carton. In this way, packaging operations are much simpler for the manufacturer, who also gains storage space (secondary materials would be kept by the provider) and in production capability.

2. The TagPack solution guarantees the adherence of safety labels to packaging 

Safety labels are an essential element to prevent drug counterfeit, which is why it is very common to find them on the outside of the folding cartons. The most used ones are the holographic and the double labels, and, in the case of the Italian market, the Bollinos.

Since it’s a crucial element for medical treatment verification, handling these materials entails an exhaustive serialisation and registration process. With the TagPack solution, Essentra Packaging lightens the burden of the manufacturer’s procedures in terms of label codification and the folding carton dispensation.

3. With the PiggyBack® service, several leaflets are adhered together to form a single unit

Medical leaflets require increasing space. On the one hand, the Directive 2001/83/EC stipulates that laboratories must include, in all their treatments, clear and precise usage information for patients and healthcare workers. On the other, there are limitations in the minimum typography size, to ensure it is legible, taking into consideration that, in many cases, the text must be added in several languages.

To overcome this challenge efficiently, at Essentra Packaging we have developed the PiggyBack® service. This solution includes two or three folded leaflets which are adhered to one another. Therefore, there is more space available for the text without increasing the size of the sheets of paper. It also enables enlarging the text’s typography as well as including leaflets in different languages.

4. The Kitting service automates the inclusion of several products within the same packaging

There are drugs that need several elements in order to be applied correctly. In these instances, manufacturers must include various items within the same set. This process is known as kitting, and it is often carried out manually because kits cannot be put together in an automated manner. Can the right design speed up the packaging process for this type of product? The answer is yes.

Essentra Packaging’s kitting solution encompasses packaging from its conception until its final assembly, the moment when it is adapted to contain specific items. Through this service, Essentra Packaging takes on the task of putting together, manually, all the drugs in the packaging lines, thus providing the manufacturers with packaging that is already assembled and ready to be distributed. 

At Essentra Packaging we have developed these four solutions in response to needs we have detected within the pharmaceutical sector, aiming to increase productivity in our clients’ manufacturing processes. In our blog you can find detailed articles focused on each service: ComboPack, TagPack, PiggyBack® and Kitting. If you would like us to give you more information, we would be delighted if you contact us through our online form.