‘Show Me You Care’: the New Distinguishing Value in Cosmetics Packaging

10 Jun 2021

Now more than ever, consumers choose products and brands with which they feel identified and can empathise. In this sense, the role played by cosmetics packaging in the self-care and beauty industries has become more important when it comes to conveying the brands’ values. Which ones are the most demanded by cosmetics customers?

The packaging for cosmetics adapts to capture the values of the brand

We will delve into four brand values that are currently defining how cosmetics packaging is designed:

1. Cosmetics packaging reflects the brands’ commitment to multiculturalism and diversity

According to a recent report by IBM, 40% of consumers look for products and services that are in line with their lifestyle and values. In the beauty sector, the great variety among consumers translates to a demand for brands with greater diversity and inclusion in the creation and marketing of their products.


The cosmetics packaging design should reflect this customisation for the different customer groups. At the same time, it works as a very strong communication tool to convey values that connect with the brand’s audience.

2. Reinventing the formula to care for the environment

Sustainability is not only a promise made by brands to their customers, it is a value that must take the spotlight in each and every one of the elements that comprise the product. That is the only way to show the brand’s true commitment to the environment.

In this sense, demands such as natural ingredients and cruelty-free manufacturing processes have been joined by the reducing the carbon footprint, certifications for the raw materials used in the production of folding cartons, and, of course, eco-design as a cornerstone in the manufacture of cosmetics packaging.

3. The packaging favours unique shopping experiences in the multichannel context

Nowadays the consumers want to have access to every purchase channel, both online and offline, in order to choose the one that best suits them. How to adapt the packaging of cosmetic products to the online shopping experience?

Brands from the Beauty sector have opted for solutions such as creating visually attractive designs so the consumers can decorate their home with them and share pictures of the unboxing on social media; or else launching limited editions, which turns cosmetics packaging into a valuable collector’s item. These types of actions would not be possible without digital printing technology applied to packaging, since it can manufacture smaller print runs at an affordable price.  

4. Protect the client with packaging that guarantees the authenticity of the products

Last year, Insider reported a single police operation in Los Angeles which resulted in the seizure of $300,000 worth of fake cosmetics. Moreover, the agents detected harmful substances within the products. This is only one example of the problem that cosmetics’ counterfeit causes for businesses and customers. In light of actions such as these, it is not surprising that consumers demand safety from their most trusted brands.  

Beauty brands can reinforce the product’s authenticity with packaging coding that will keep track of the cosmetics’ traceability, or by including other anti-counterfeit measures such as holograms or personalised inks.

Cosmetics packaging is a presentation card for the brand’s values

When it comes to purchasing cosmetics, it has become clear that customers demand from their preferred brands not only an attractive product, but also an item that highlights shared values.

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