PiggyBack® – increasing leaflet content without enlarging paper dimensions

13 May 2021

Leaflets perform an important part in the safe and effective use of medicines used by both patients and healthcare professionals. The comprehensive information provided on the medical leaflet not only includes information about the medication and its usage but also the benefits and harm that can result from taking a medicine.

Directive 2001/83/EC, requires that all medical leaflets provide comprehensible information enabling the use of the medicinal product safely and appropriately.  Due to the growing leaflet content and regulation towards readability of characters, the size of leaflets that need to be produced continues to increase.

To assure readability and easy handling of leaflets, companies have to consider multiple aspects such as: type size and font; design and layout of the information; headings; print colour; syntax; style and more. In addition, multilingual aspects of the leaflet for the international markets contribute exponentially to increased leaflet size requirements and more complex leaflet folding needs.

Nonetheless, increasing leaflet size to enlarge the communication area, or introducing a complex leaflet to the packaging, is not always the right answer. Due to that, Essentra Packaging is offering a PiggyBack®  solution.

PiggyBack®  comprises two or three folded leaflets glued together back to back. This leaflet combination solution is an efficient way of providing a bigger area for print with more space for information or larger text, without having to increase the size of the leaflet. These are some additional features and benefits PiggyBack®  solutions provide for clients:

  • Maximum printed area with minimum folded size.

  • Leaflets produced separately then glued together.

  • Available in twin and triple formats.

  • Possibility to enlarge fonts according to current directives without enlarging the paper dimensions.

  • Multilingual texts in different leaflet glued together.

  • Ability to adress part of the leaflet to a doctor or the body for proof of purchase.

For more information about the PiggyBack®  solution and leaflets combinations to increase content space without enlarging paper dimensions, contact us. Let’s work together to find a solution that best fits your needs.