Learn about the Versatility of Plurium™ Cosmetic and Patient Information Leaflets

28 Oct 2021

Find Plurium™ by Essentra Packaging, a solution developed by our expert team in Italy to increase the surface of patient information leaflets.

 Do you need a larger printable surface for your cosmetic or patient information leaflets? Essentra Packaging professionals created an innovative way to improve the customers’ and patients’ experience when reading a product’s instructions. Elena Simonetta and Monica Maschi from our Italian sites told us more about one of their top solutions: Plurium™ booklets.


What are Plurium™ booklets? 

Have you ever seen a Plurium™ booklet? Unlike other patient information leaflets, our booklets have multiple pages up to ten that can contain all the required text at a legible size. Elena and Monica described in detail this product’s advantages, as well as explaining this solution’s success among our clients, after all, they are the ones who help us continue developing this tool.


The need behind Plurium™ booklets

As Elena and Monica told us, the story of Plurium™ began around ten years ago. “At the time, the market was changing, and new regulations were being implemented”, they explained. An example of this would be the European Parliament’s Directive 2001/83/EC, which meant patient information leaflets needed to include more text: but they were running out of space. 

“Patient information leaflets required a larger space to print on”.

As a result, pharmaceutical companies had to find a way to increase the surface in their patient information leaflets, in order to print text in a way that was both clear and legible for the end-users. At the time, multi-page options weren’t as developed, so the industry was in need of a new solution. This is where Plurium™ came into play.


Why do our clients choose Plurium™ leaflets? 

First and foremost, at Essentra Packaging we operate by working alongside our customers in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and beauty industries, and together we co-create the right tool. For example, Elena and Monica recalled that “one of our global sites was tasked to create a leaflet with added value that could fit a folding carton with a very specific size, and our innovation department worked tirelessly to find the best solution”. Customers choose Plurium™ because they will get a booklet that is tailored to their product, and adapted to include all the necessary information for the end-users.

Thanks to the hard work of the people at our facilities, Plurium™ patient information leaflets have become quite sophisticated: they have different setups, with up to ten pages, which can be detachable. The booklet itself can be designed to open like a calendar, or like a newspaper; and the text can be printed in several languages. These leaflets are compatible with other Essentra Packaging services, such as ComboPack™.


How can the customer benefit from this solution?

Plurium™ has been developed in such a way by our team of experts, that it can address any leaflet-based need, adaptable to multiply the available space on demand, as Elena and Monica explained, without enlarging the leaflets. This means the customer’s production lines can incorporate Plurium™ in an agile way, without long changeovers between leaflets, and without the need to set folding machines. The client can also choose to include the patient information leaflets afterwards, inserting them later into the folding cartons: depending on the customer’s preferences, our team will develop the right option for each project.

“Plurium™ can increase up to six times the printable surface”. 

Another advantage clients can benefit from is our environmentally-friendly approach to designing and manufacturing the leaflets: the paper we use to make our product is sustainable, thanks to the support of our providers, who source the raw materials responsibly. The booklet itself is 100% recyclable.

This adaptability also translates to design, making Plurium™ leaflets a great tool for marketing purposes: we can print any manner of text onto the booklets, as Monica and Elena told us “one of our cosmetics clients recently requested a leaflet with more figures, charts and product information for their new booklets”, and, of course, our experts found a way to make it happen. 


The end-user also benefits from this patient information leaflet

The most important person in this entire chain is the end-user, after all, they are the target audience for the cosmetics and patient information leaflets, and therefore, there are advantages in choosing Plurium™ for their sake.

Because of the increased surface, the printed text can be larger, which improves readability and fosters patient adherence. This extra space can also result in additional instructions that make the process simpler and safer for the patients, ensuring they take their medication correctly. Last but not least, its ‘calendar’ or ‘newspaper’ formats are  easy to handle. How often do we struggle to fold regular leaflets back to the way they were?


Plurium™ strives to continue innovating

Despite how far working with our partners and providers has brought us, our development processes are never over: we are always looking for ways to expand our capabilities. We are continuing research and innovation to take Plurium™ booklets even further. 

Our experts are studying how to incorporate more colours into the leaflets, and what purposes they may serve. As Elena and Monica recalled, “we already printed on green paper for marketing reasons once, and this is a tool that can be developed in other ways, to help doctors find a specific page in the booklet, for example”. This is a potential area for investment, not only in the pharmaceutical sector, but the cosmetics industry as well. With the clients’ imagination, colours can be used widely to help end-users benefit better from the product.

Would you like to know more about this versatile solution? If you need to increase the surface of your leaflet without enlarging it, Plurium™ booklets might be the right option, thanks to its various design alternatives that will add value to your packaging. Contact us at Essentra Packaging, and our team of experts will give you all the information you need.