We Won’t Let the Supply Chain Shortages Slow You Down

30 Nov 2021

Are you worried about the current supply issues?

Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 kickstarted the situation we are experiencing today, causing a series of supply shortages that have been aggravated by the current political and commercial tensions. We are all aware of the continued increase in energy prices, microchip shortages that are setting back vehicle manufacture, or the struggle logistics companies are going through to find more staff. As a result, sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry are forced to find new solutions to keep up production despite the challenges regarding supply.

The year 2020 will probably be remembered for the pandemic, and the crisis that ensued both in terms of healthcare and economy. Thankfully, this situation is already improving, although unevenly, according to the World Bank, with many industries working hard to catch up with pre-COVID-19 figures. As a consequence of companies’ efforts to go back to normal, commerce has found a new rhythm, with an increased service speed and shorter waiting times for products: an agile supply chain that has become the new standard that is expected by the public. However, as the market showed signs of recovery, the shortages began, threatening the shy revival the economy was experiencing. But this doesn’t need to slow you down, we are here to help.

What does this situation mean for the pharmaceutical industry?

According to an article by the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU), the unavailability of medicine is increasing, which will have a negative impact on patients’ health. Moreover, the current disruptions in the supply chain are slowing down production and setting back logistics at a moment when patients demand shorter shipping times and better service standards. The manufacturers suffer from this situation as well, with delays on materials they need in order to provide their product on time.

How can Essentra Packaging support you? 

Shortages affect us all, and they are entirely out of our control, but we can work to find solutions that will alleviate the situation for our clients. At Essentra Packaging we have the knowledge and experience to put into action alternatives that will solve that which can be remedied, and, together with our customers, overcome these challenges by creating adapted solutions for each individual situation. For example, a client who is experiencing delays in labelling equipment can benefit from a service such as TagPack, where the folding carton comes with the label already adhered. 

Our global or local approaches can minimise the effects of the shortages 

Can Essentra Packaging alleviate disruptions in any section of the supply chain? We have two approaches: global and local. Our extensive experience has given us the ability to see the bigger picture and support our clients at any point of the process. We have facilities and partners all over the world, which gives us a bigger platform that we can use to support our customers.

Another way we can help is through the close relationship we maintain with our providers. This allows us to negotiate certain supply preferences for our customers when they need materials that might be affected by the shortages. We can do this at a global level, or at a local one, supporting our clients in every way possible.

Adaptability is the key to agile supply

No matter what kind of support our customers need, we are prepared to help them diminish the effects of the shortages in a way that is adapted to their issue, jumping in at any point of the supply chain or the manufacturing process. Some of the possible solutions include:

  • Customising folding cartons and leaflets to make them smaller, which would help in terms of more efficient storage and logistics. For those who need to save space, solutions such as ComboPack™ combine the leaflets and the folding cartons

  • Offering serialised folding cartons, labels or leaflets to clients who are experiencing delays in the supply of materials or printing equipment.

  • Streamlining the process, and offering consistent solutions to help our clients package and deliver time-sensitive products, such as those destined to clinical trials.

  • Optimising the packaging with solutions such as our Kitting service, which places together items that are usually inserted manually and separately.

At Essentra Packaging we are feeling the effects of the shortages, but we have the means and experience to support customers who are suffering disruptions in the supply chain. Would you like us to help you make the process more agile with adapted solutions? Contact us, and our team of experts will be delighted to give you more information.