Sustainability – why we’re part of the solution

02 Aug 2022

Sustainability is a complex issue made of many interconnected factors. It should be considered as a broad issue with no one magic bullet solution – meaning recycling alone will not solve the global plastics crisis. Efforts must also be made to ‘design in’ sustainable features during product conception and production.

Taking such a holistic view of the entire packaging journey is something the modern, increasingly eco-aware consumer now demands. McKinsey’s report on sustainability in packaging found that consumer concerns were evenly spread across several factors, including water pollution, waste production, climate change, deforestation, resource use, marine litter, and air pollution.

Up to 70% of consumers said they would pay more for more sustainable packaging, while over half said they would buy more products with sustainable packaging if they didn’t cost more than traditional alternatives. 

The message to brands and converters is clear – sustainability is about more than green logos and recyclable packaging. It is now a key aspect of a product’s overall value proposition. To maintain their share of voice in an increasingly hectic and volatile post-pandemic market, companies must optimise their packaging and processes. In short, they must be proactive in becoming part of the solution. 

At Essentra Packaging, we have optimised every aspect of our business to be a key part of that solution. While we do create sustainable packaging, labels, and leaflets, made from responsibly-sourced fibres, we also ensure our business operates as sustainably as possible. 

An example of our commitment to a holistic sustainability strategy is our investment in a hybrid printing setup, which gives us the flexibility to employ either digital or offset printing as required. Which is more suitable depends on the job and selecting the right print technology ensures waste is kept to a minimum. To learn more about both systems, read our blog on our hybrid printing approach.

Our in-depth knowledge of packaging needs across a range of sectors also means we can produce innovative, optimised, sustainable packaging designs to keep material use to a minimum. Our approach is about more than swapping out plastic for fibreboard – it involves using as little water, fibre pulp, and inks as possible too, without compromising on pack supply chain performance. 

This approach results in innovative products such as Re*flect – a 100% recyclable alternative to metallised polyester – that offers all the on-shelf visual desirability of metpol without the environmental impact. It uses no plastic without compromising on the eye-catching visual appeal of traditional metpol. 

We have committed to being carbon neutral (in Scope 1 and 2 emissions) by 2040, and have made huge progress as we move our sites to zero waste to landfill . 50% of our sites are already at this level as we work towards making it 100% by 2030. 

We don't take our commitment to sustainability lightly, instead taking a complete 360-degree approach to packaging design. What sets us apart as a sustainable solutions provider is that we look at all aspects of a pack’s life cycle, from concept to material sourcing through to end-of-life post-consumer use.

To find out more about Essentra Packaging and its sustainability commitments, contact us at [email protected]