Discover Essentra Packaging’s Commitment to the Environment with Sustainability Week

19 Nov 2021

Sustainability and care for the environment are a trending topic in every sector and sphere, and with good reason.

This year Glasgow hosted the UN’s climate change conference, the COP26, which focused on the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. At Essentra Packaging we are committed to reducing our GHG emissions and become carbon neutral by 2040: we believe sustainability is no longer an abstract concept for the future, but rather a concern for the present. Because of this, we participated with a stand in the CPhI event that took place the past 9th to 11th of November, not only to show our actions towards sustainable solutions, but to encourage others to do the same. 


Discover our path towards sustainability

Does climate change concern you? If the answer is yes, then you probably agree with us when we say the key is to act, to find sustainable solutions for our products and for our clients by using the available tools. At Essentra Packaging, for example, we offer plastic-free packaging options, and we use eco-design to optimise our folding cartons to the maximum, besides many other solutions. 

Thinking leads to sustainable strategies

The first step towards new solutions is thinking and coming up with the right ideas, concepts that will develop into more sustainable ways of manufacturing your products. Essentra Packaging has been committed to the environment for a long time, and we wanted to share our knowledge on how to apply sustainability to your business, as well as to engage with customers who might want to work with us and develop the tools for a more environmentally-responsible future. 

The more suggestions, the greater the chance at different designs or alternative ways to develop raw materials, and ultimately change production processes for the better. We are here not only to show our experience, but also to learn from our clients and reinforce their commitment through our support as we work together to fight climate change.

Acting will save the planet

Even though thinking might be the first step towards change, at Essentra Packaging we believe it is not quite enough, not unless there is action behind it; and not only when it comes to packaging, but at every level. In this spirit, we created our stand for the CPhI events, a stand built with sustainable materials to show our deep commitment to turning the tables on climate change, and our carbon neutral goal for 2040. Actions, even small ones, can add up and make a huge impact towards sustainability.

Collaborating will bring us together

Despite our strong commitment to the wellbeing of the planet, we cannot change the world alone.. At Essentra Packaging we function as a well-oiled machine, being each provider and partner essential cogs in the mechanism, which is why we work with like-minded people who are concerned about climate change. 

One example of the close relationship we maintain with partners would be our carbon dioxide measurement projects, where we calculate CO2 emissions and study how to reduce them alongside our customers. We also make sure we obtain forest resources from environmentally-responsible farmers who are certified by FSC and PEFC credentials. Once we understand our clients’ sustainability objectives and their product lines, we can offer a range of options, such as life cycle analysis or cradle-to-gate analysis, to reduce their environmental impact while keeping up efficiency. The people we work with are just as important as the results we obtain.

Showcasing our sustainable solutions at CPhI

From the 9th to the 11th of November, we participated in the events organised by CPhI Worldwide with our stand, intended to communicate with customers and encourage them to join in the environmental crusade alongside us. 

Our stand at CPhI was focused on encouraging others to embrace sustainability, to collaborate with us and share our efforts to create solutions that don’t damage the environment. and It was designed to help customers reflect about their sustainability targets by using efficient, coherent and industrially viable, sustainable solutions. Every element there, from the decorative tree to the furniture, were a part of our initiative to encourage others to embrace the cause. The tree, for instance, was made of wood, using leaflets as leaves and folding cartons as fruit, and will be fully reused,all of them recyclable or compostable. This is also true for the furniture we had at the exhibit, which, even though made specifically for this occasion, was always destined to find a permanent home at our offices once the event was over. You can take a closer look with the virtual tour of our stand!

The overall goal of this initiative at CPhI was a platform for clients to start conversations with us and share their goals, as well as participating in our ‘sustainable wall’. We want to understand our customers’ objectives in order to help them make their product lines more efficient, and find alternatives to reduce their carbon footprint.

Have we convinced you to give sustainability a try? Work with us! At Essentra Packaging we believe in taking action and developing environmentally-friendly solutions, identifying where they can be added and implementing them, not only in terms of packaging, but in every aspect of our business. If you’d like to discuss this further, get in touch, and we will be delighted to give you more information.

Play the video to hear some words from our Innovation and Sustainable Director highlighting our approach and commitment on sustainability.