TagPack: 4 Key Steps to Adhere the Label to the Folding Cartons

20 May 2021

Whether it’s because of regulations, as a special measure against counterfeiting or to add value to the product, the truth is more companies are choosing to incorporate a special label to their medical treatments’ folding cartons.

These special labels can be dispensed in the clients’ packaging lines, through an external agent or it can be requested to dispensing providers such as Essentra Packaging. Our TagPack service encompasses automatic dispensing and verification control of the labels located on the drugs’ folding cartons.

The three most common types of labels we dispense on our clients’ folding cartons are: Bollinos, holographic and double labels. 

Before going into automatic label dispensation, it is essential to know:

  • If there is a document or regulation that determines where the label should be placed within the folding carton.

  • If the company has the appropriate infrastructure to properly place and authenticate the label, and, if necessary, its safeguard. This last point is key to guarantee the process’ safety to manufacturers and suppliers.

At Essentra Packaging, as a provider that specialises in pharmaceutical packaging, we know first hand the necessary processes to dispense these kinds of labels, since we are constantly in contact with professionals in the pharmaceutical sector. As a result, we are familiar with the latest regulations about medical treatment verification.

How does the TagPack service work? The Bollino application example

Next, we will explain the main processes and give some advice about the dispensation of special labels on the folding cartons through our TagPack service:

1. Storage and custody process

The handling safety labels and Bollinos must be careful and methodical. Given that we are talking about a security element, labels must be stored in a restricted location and they must undergo preliminary verification processes before their manipulation.

2. Preliminary authentication

In case of any kind of transfer or relocation of the labels, they must be authenticated to avoid mistakes or breaches in security.

Moreover, in the case of Bollinos the AIC (the code for drug sale authorised by the Italian Medicines Agency), the unique serial number and the spool orientation must be considered carefully, among other aspects. Once it has been verified that the information matches the register, the folding carton is approved for handling and later dispensation. As a part of this process, the Bollino is subject to an additional machine-automated control.

3. Label dispensation

Lastly, the adherence of the labels to the folding carton. On this topic, it is essential to apply the labels correctly, considering their orientation and location, as well as their serial numbers and, in the case of serialised labels, the codified information.

In this sense, our systems perform an online analysis with cameras that monitor in parallel during dispensation in order to ensure the data and the placement are correct, as well as to confirm they match the register (in the case of Bollinos or serialised labels). At the same time, those items that do not comply with the established parameters are discarded.

This process prevents the manufacturer or supplier from having to do it manually. Such an operation would mean a considerable increase in costs and in the time spent on this task, which, if done manually, could also result in mistakes during dispensation.

4. Documentation and label reconciliation

The requirements concerning the verification and traceability of the folding cartons translate into a bureaucracy that is difficult to deal with, even for pharmaceutical package providers. This is because dispensing special labels sometimes implies issuing additional control documents that certify label reconciliation for each item in order to keep track of the stock and report those that are discarded. 

Thanks to the TagPack service, at Essentra Packaging we can solve this issue and we can guarantee our clients the execution of the entire process. This will increase their efficiency and safety in the dispensing of labels for their folding cartons. If you want to know more about the TagPack solution and how it could be applied to your business, we would be delighted if you contacted us through here. We are waiting for you!