Meeting tomorrow’s pharma needs today - think digital printing!

12 Aug 2022

For the fast-moving pharmaceutical health sector, understanding the needs of today’s consumer base is paramount. As the gap between clinical medicine and OTC pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products narrows there is abundant opportunity for businesses in the sector to engage with patients and end users in new ways.  

Among the many trends influencing and shaping the pharma market such as omnichannel and multi-channel retailing, life science category development and evolving regulation, one of the most pronounced is the shift towards personalised medicines.

At the centre, the pharma market is opening up to more personalised health solutions. This creates opportunity for targeted responses in the form of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products, as opposed to catch-all mass market products.  

So, when secondary packaging and labelling needs to allow for variation and individualisation, how do businesses in the pharma sector access the agility, speed and flexibility needed to compete? One of the most effective ways is through digital printing, which offers a level of versatility and speed that few others print methods can match.  

What makes digital printing so effective?

At Essentra Packaging, we pride ourselves on our reputation as the go-to name in pharmaceutical packaging solutions. With a global network of facilities employing a diverse array of print technologies, we guide our customers towards the optimal packaging print by taking a fluid and connected ‘hybrid approach’ to printing.

Digital printing brings important advantages for tomorrow’s pharma sector, where speed and flexibility are set to prove key to commercial success. With agility at hand, digital printing can enable 1:1 packaging printing, where other common packaging print methods such as offset and flexographic technologies are exclusively 1:many. While fantastic for mid- to long length jobs, these methods are less viable for short runs, and are often not equipped for personalisation in packaging design. 

Digital printing has particularly strong benefits for the pharmaceutical sector in addition to personalisation, where its agility and speed are ideal in supporting

Digital printing as part of a ‘hybrid approach’

As a trusted name in packaging, we know how to get the best out of digital printing – but the Essentra Packaging difference is our hybrid approach. This means we treat offset and digital printing not as opposites, but as complementary technologies that can work in synergy. 

In practice, this resembles a more agile and effective pharma packaging supply chain – at every stage of the product life cycle. With an exemplary knowledge of printing techniques, Essentra Packaging has the capacity to support businesses through scaling up on rapid digital printing, before moving on to offset printing presses for longer runs when ready.

A great example of this principle in action is our investment in a Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® Press. The first of its kind in the UK packaging market, the technology uses microscopic nanoparticles to push the speed, quality and precision of digital print to new heights. The innovative press combines the agility of digital printing with the long-run consistency of offset.

This approach offers more flexibility and freedom – Essentra Packaging’s pharmaceutical customers are not tied to a certain type of print when a more effective method would be more advantageous. As the pharmaceutical market continues to put the focus on agility and versatility, Essentra Packaging makes an ideal partner to support on projects of every size and scope.

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