How can Essentra Packaging accelerate the future of health & beauty packaging?

05 Jul 2022

The packaging sector never stays still for long – and the rapid pace of change in health and beauty packaging is a prime example. With both the cosmetic and health product markets set to continue growth, packaging technology can prove to be a crucial competitive edge. 

So, what lies ahead for health and beauty packaging design? Below, we share our thoughts on where the sector will go next, where the focus will be for brand owners and the technologies offered by Essentra Packaging that will add lasting value for consumers. 

A hybrid approach to printing

Consumer behaviours naturally shift and move, and keep up with evolving market needs, brands and businesses across the cosmetic and health sectors need a packaging partner that can be just as agile and flexible.

To help make this simple for Essentra Packaging customers, we take a hybrid approach to printing. This means we don’t treat digital and offset printing as two completely different disciplines, but as a complementary cohesive system with the synergy to deliver more speed and quality. 

An example of how Essentra Packaging is investing in agile hybrid print technology is our new Landa S10 Nanographic Printing® press, the first of its kind in the UK packaging market. 

Whatever the job size or complexity, we have the ability to move between the print technologies to give our customers high quality, fast turnaround packaging on time, every time. 

Alongside its print technologies, Essentra Packaging also offers a comprehensive range of solutions that help its customers to improve and sharpen their supply chain management, boost operational efficiency and optimise productivity.

Simple temperature control

As health product supply chains become more complex and increasingly require low temperature storage, quality assurance controls become ever more important for consumer and patient safety.

To provide more choice and performance to customers, Essentra Packaging has collaborated with Advanced Material Development (AMD) to develop a new generation of Time Temperature Indicators. The collaboration leverages polymeric photonic crystal technology, developed by the AMD teams at the Universities of Surrey and Sussex. 

The smart technology boosts safety by changing colour at different temperatures, unlocking simple at-a-glance monitoring through temperature-controlled environments. 

Anti-Counterfeit technology

Further adding to protecting consumer health and safety in health and beauty packaging applications, Essentra Packaging offers technologies to deter fraudulent sales of counterfeited products. The range includes diverse solutions that support product authentication, boosting patient and end user safety. 

A great example of how Essentra Packaging is innovating in this area is its recent collaboration with Crane Currency Micro-optics. This visual indication solution is used on bank note currencies, and this same anti-counterfeiting technology is now available to beauty brands, as well as health and pharmaceutical businesses.

Integrating effortlessly with Essentra Packaging’s label solutions and vast array of anti-counterfeit options, the technology provides sight verification that cannot be replicated, helping users and healthcare professionals alike to instantly determine the authenticity of the product. 

Continued drive for sustainability

Finally, the push for more environmentally conscious packaging designs is set to continue at speed. 

Health and beauty packaging can be made more attractive to consumers around the globe with innovation in materials and processes, which adds up to reduced waste and lower carbon emissions that can be communicated on pack. 

With a wide range of sustainable label, leaflet and carton packaging solutions for the health and beauty industry, Essentra Packaging supports the drive for packaging circularity without compromising on performance.

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