Product Spotlight

Pipe chocks are not a luxury

21 Oct 2015

A pipe chock

While accident prevention is always a good idea, in today’s more constrained circumstances avoiding injuries or down time is a critical component of a successful operation. Accidents cost money, and most operators are now down to a handful of rigs. This means that the losses suffered cannot be spread out among a forest of platforms but must instead be borne by a relatively smaller production base. Taking a rig offline is no longer a 5% hit in many cases. Instead, it can be a 100% hit. Therefore, safety counts now more than ever, and safety starts with the small details.
Whether you are transporting pipe supplies, or storing them, making sure that your tubing stays secure at all times is one of the least expensive and easy ways in which you can guard against a dire incident. Pipe chocks are very inexpensive; however, smashed up roughnecks and tweaked pipes are expensive. That is why it is so important to keep your stock properly secured in the field, or back in the yard. Even if nothing gets bent or broken up, it takes time and equipment away from money-making operations to straighten the mess back up again.

Given how affordable pipe chocks are, and how quickly they can be dropped into place, it makes good sense to use them at all times. Whatever time gets spent in setting them up, is more than repaid by the ease and swiftness that pipes can be accessed once they are safely and conveniently racked in a way that offers sturdy storage and trouble-free deployment.

That’s really what it’s all about these days–avoiding trouble and setting up your site effectively and efficiently with careful avoidance of unnecessary risks. This is why the simplicity and practicality of using pipe chocks can truly help your site stay safe and continue running.