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Why use 70/30 IPA DI Wipes?

28 Oct 2015

Posted by Kyle Ehmke

An open packet of ipa di wipes

When it comes to maintaining a sterile environment in critical work areas where microbial contamination is unacceptable, 70/30 IPA DI wipes are an efficient and effective solution to removing microbial contaminants in controlled environments. Therefore, you may want to consider 70/30 IPA DI wipes in your work areas to ensure that microbial contamination is not introducing risk to people and your business.

What is a 70/30 IPA DI Wipe Liquid Formulation?
Simply stated, a 70/30 IPA DI wipe is pre-saturated with a mixture of 70% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to 30% deionized (DI) water. A standard for measuring the concentration of alcohol to solvent, the 70/30 ratio is the benchmark which industry professionals agree yield ideal results.

Maintaining a sterile environment means removing microbial contaminants from the surface of your clean room without leaving a telltale residue behind. To kill contaminants, the alcohol needs to remain on the affected surface for long enough to do its job -- known as "dwell time" -- before evaporating into the air without leaving a trace. The higher the alcohol content, the faster the evaporation rate, so the 70/30 IPA DI wipe provides the ideal combination of dwell time and evaporation.

Benefits of Using Pre-saturated Wipes

If you’re trying to reduce volatile organic compounds or bulk chemical handling, pre-saturated Wipes are a great solution. Pre-saturated Wipes reduce the need to handle and store large amounts of free liquids. More specifically, Essentra pre-saturated Wipes are engineered with the appropriate amount of liquid on each Wipe, therefore you no longer have to worry if your operators and technicians are mixing, spraying, or applying the correct amount of IPA/Water to get the job done right. With pre-saturated Wipes, you’re also buying convenience. Remove the need to purchase multiple different components to achieve the same clean. Pre-saturated Wipes are a time-saving and labor saving solution as well.

Non-Woven Polyester Cellulose Wipes for Clean Delivery

Essentra’s 70/30 IPA DI wipe is fashioned from non-woven polyester cellulose that is not only a superior absorber, but the polyester will not leave particulates in its wake. These factors are critical in industries and environments that rely on strict protocols governing the sterilization of medical equipment from microbial contaminants.

The Ideal Sterilizing Solution

There are FDA regulations that prohibit working with pharmaceuticals in an unsterile environment. Using 70/30 IPA DI wipe provides the needed assurances against contamination. Essentra can assist in finding the right wipe for your application. Contact one of our application specialists at Essentra Porous Technologies to determine the optimum product for your particular application.